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  • 04/06/18
    Work experience in laboratory

    Our trainee Raquel  had a chance to cooperate with one of the largest producers of biocomponents in Europe. During internship she was performing tests and reporting results, servicing and measuring devices on the laboratory equipment, doing the laboratory analysis.

    Raquel 2

  • 24/05/18
    Iñaki working in accounts payable department!

    Iñaki from Spain, has done his 3 month experience in one of the largest companies in Wrocław, which creates Samples to Insight solutions that enable access to valuable molecular insights from any biological sample. Iñaki was responsible to work in AP department, dealing with invoices, emails and managing travel expenses. He have done really good job there, that’s why he got a chance to continue his professional carrier! We wish you all the best Iñaki!

  • 12/04/18
    New chapter after work placement experience

    Pablo, our trainee from Spain during his work placement was maintaining technological equipment, setting up hardware, testing new parts that were installed and diagnosing problems related  to printer hardware & implementing resolution in the company providing IT services worldwide. This experience gave him a chance to start new chapter in his life and continue his professional path in Wrocław! We keep fingers crossed for you! Good luck Pablo!

  • 26/04/17
    One month of art experience!

    Relika and Mari from Estonia were cooperate with a very creative art company in Wrocław! It was a big challenge to both of them, preparing the decorations and working with different methods and materials in polish art environment! But definitely….it was worth it!

    Mari and Relika    Trainees working on details

  • 09/04/17
    Spanish trainees working with air cooling system

    Inigo and Iker from Spain did their 3 month experience in air cooling system area. They have gained a lot of new skills. We really hope that this new experience and knowledge could help them to find the perfect work and will be the best start into their future career!

    Working team Iker

  • 15/03/17
    Master chef in vocational edition!

    Jon Ander from Spain and Susanna from Finland had a chance to cooperate with one of the most creative and professional culinary team! They have learnd a lot of new recipes and culinary methods! It was a very fruitful time for both of them!

    Culinary team

  • 28/02/17
    Trainees from Italy working in electrical company

    Stojanche, Mohamed, Ergim and Amir – 4 trainees from Italy made their work experience in electrical company. They were installing the electrical components, light switches, laying the electrical cables etc. They were working at the big construction – for all of them it was a big challenge to work in polish electrical environment of the company, but they learnt a lot, gained new skills and did really good job there! We wish you all the best!

    Trainees from Italy

  • 03/08/16
    Abdellah working in laboratory

    Abdellah did his 3 weeks experience in laboratory environment! He learnt a lot and had a chance to cooperate with the Univeristy researchers! Good luck in new challenges Abdellah!


  • 06/06/16
    Audiovisual experience

    Mauricio and Inmaculada from Spain did an amazing work in audiovisual area during their 3 months experience. They were editing the professional movies, working during the art production and do their best to make the time spent in the company – unforgettable for them and for the whole team they worked with! Good luck and best wishes for your future visual career!

  • 12/05/16
    International cooking exchange

    International cooking exchange  led by Aviva,  took place on 12th of May and gathered out trainees from Poland, Peru, Spain, Finnland and Estonia. Students had a chance to learn about polish traditional recipes and dishes, they learned how to prepare typical polish dumplings “pierogi ruskie” and had an amazing opportunity to integrate with students from different countries and tried the dishes from its countries.

  • 09/05/16
    Ion and Julen discover different departments in industry company

    2 students from Spain had a chance to cooperate with very good company producing the light luminaires. They discovered different departments to get the knowledge about the whole producing process of light components. The work wasn’t easy but they get very wide experience – hope to see you both again in Wrocław! All the best Ion and Julen! 

  • 11/04/16
    Julen working in Botanical Garden

    Julen had a great opportunity to work with passion in Botanical Garden!  He did a very good job there, with his positive attitiude and botanical knowledge – he left the Garden with a new relationships, experience…and a lot of souvenirs! 

  • 20/03/16
    Meri from Finnland discover Polish cuisine!

    Meri was doing her work placement in one of the biggest and most famous Restaurant in Wrocław! She got a lot of experience as a cook. She had a chance to taste and discover Polish cuisine. Good luck Meri and see you in Poland next time! :)

  • 22/06/15
    Turkish teachers in Kindergartens


    Turkish Teachers had a chance to prepare their own workshops for children in different Kindergartens around Wrocław. “Turkish days” were an amazing opportunity to present their culture, language and interesting traditions

  • 20/05/15
    Wroclove tattoo

    WP_20150520_11_39_14_Pro WP_20150520_11_39_14_Proaa

    Iris – trainee from Gran Canaria, was fall in love with Wrocław. During her last days she decided to bring all good memories to her Island and make a tattoo of Wrocław! Wish you all the best Iris and see you soon! :)  

  • 24/04/15
    Colorful spiral necklaces

    11017525_10204194681891755_7514935832180513189_n 11156128_10204194765733851_1707141783121341378_n 11187408_10204194664651324_8304230665088448293_o

    During artistic exchange – 15 young trainees form Turkey made a beautiful pieces of art – inspired by and created thanks to young and talented polish Artist.

  • 17/03/15
    Estonian energy in artistic and renovation workshop

    IMGP0308 IMGP0295 IMGP0293

    Miriam and Tiina – trainees from Estonia spent their Erasmus exchange in artistic and renovation workshop. Since first day at Wrocław they decided to keep every single day and created BLOG ( They upload a lot of beautiful photos from their travels around Poland  and mostly photos from their daily work.

  • 15/10/14
    Teachers visit

    FI 1,Nauczycielka zawodu Kaisa Laakso-Kantonen odwiedz swoje uczennice w pracy u pana Maxa Rybackiego. [do raportu]

    Mrs Kaisa Laakso-Kantonen , previous entrepreneur and present teacher of surface finishing specialization in Finnish college is visiting her students who work at Max Rybacki Construction company

  • 11/06/14
    Coordinators’ visit


    During this week we are hosting teachers from Basque Country. They will visit companies and schools connected with business and administration and teaching languages. They want to get familiar with Polish vocational educational system.

  • 29/05/14
    Saying goodbye


    After 3 months of apprenticeship it’s time to say goodbye. We hope you are taking a lot of good memories, useful professional skills and new friendships with you. 

  • 22/05/14
    Meeting with Finnish partners


    One more time we had pleasure to host Finnish coordinators. This picture was taken during discussion about Memorandum of Understanding in Aviva’s office. 


  • 21/05/14
    During free time


    In Wrocław you can find a lot of entertainment. Our trainees from Spain decided to go and see one of the footbal matches of Śląsk Wrocław.

  • 10/05/14

    VETPRO Projekt  VETPRO

    This time we are hosting group of the teachers who came to Wrocław within VETPRO project called  ”Transport & Vehicle Maintenance”.

  • 06/05/14
    Turkish tasty project


    We have a pleasure to host Turkish pupils who are mastering their baking and pastry skills here in Wrocław. Thanks to project, that they participate in, they can learn Polish recipes and present their traditional sweets.

  • 22/04/14
    Experimenting with cuisine

    cooking     food

    There are many occasions to integrate with other trainees and also try hand in other areas than professional. For example, our students tried to make Polish typical dish –  pierogi and create Spanish – Polish dinner. A lot of fun with delicious food!

  • 09/04/14
    A very warm welcome


    Aviva office is also art center! Alina from Finland took a bit of our floor space and drew a big welcome poster for her friend. So nice!

  • 07/04/14
    How training is going


    Hegoi is doing great in one of the busiest hostels in Wrocław. He has a chance to gain professional experience as a receptionist and learn everything about running this type of business.

  • 21/03/14
    Welcome new group of dietitians!


    It’s a pleasure to host one more time group of dietitians from Canary Islands who want to improve their knowledge here in Wrocław. Tania, Andres, Lucas and Mirante are going to spend 3 months under doctor’s very good guidance and learn interesting things about dietetics and nutrition! 

  • 12/03/14
    Gaizka and Yeray


    We have busy time in Aviva right now. Many apprentices have arrived from Basque Country and we are really happy to host them in Wrocław! Gaizka and Yeray are one of the trainees who want to get experiance in development of multiplatforms. Have a good training!

  • 08/01/14
    Estonian IT trainees

    Hanys i Rasmus

    Hanys and Rasmus come from Estonia, and before starting training in IT companies,  they have resolved all  computer problems in our office! What we would have done without you…Thank you!

  • 04/12/13
    David during training


    David, a trainee from Grand Canaria, is not only on training in headhunting company but also he is working on his career as a representative of the Polish company in Canary Islands. 

  • 29/11/13
    Goodbye meeting


    Our Turkish group during the goodbye meeting in Aviva’s office with their training certificates. Well done guys!

  • 19/11/13
    Turkish pupils


    A group of Turkish pupils and teachers from technical school in Bursa visit companies in Wrocław and learn about their production automation systems.

  • 06/11/13
    Visitors from France

    Company presentation

    This week we are hosting teachers from France who arrived to Wrocław to visit some of the companies – possible training placements for their students from car body construction. During these visits, they are going to share their opinions about vocational trainings in France and tell more about French work ethic.

  • 30/10/13
    EfVET Conference 2013

    EfVET meeting

    We are happy to announce that this year we had a great pleasure to participate in European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Athens.

  • 21/06/13
    A warm goodbye in Centrum Futura


    Our students from Canary Islands had fantastic 3 months in Centrum Futura. They had a chance to gain practical knowledge in nutrition and dietetics. On the picture with their supervisor and trainee teacher – dr Irena Dawidiuk.

  • 21/05/13

    Rosa from Finland in Masala restaurant, where she started working as a waitress.Rosa from Finland in Masala Restaurant in Wroclaw where she started working as a waitress.The 1st day she gets to know for the 1st time how to make Indian bread - Naan!

  • 05/05/13
    Hello Again !

    Hello again  :-D

    Our web site has a new moderator and hopefully you’re going to see a lot of new things showing up, such as : photos, posts, curiosities etc.

    Keep in touch  ;-)