For trainees

During this training our trainees are able to achieve the following 3 objectives: 

Professional competences:

1. To improve your own professional skills by:

  • regarding work as a continual learning process
  • achieving your work objectives successfully
  • completing work tasks
  • responding appropriately to your supervisor
  • participating in teamwork

 2. To meet the standards of the new European labour market by:

  • developing your adaptability and flexibility within a new working environment in a foreign country
  • increasing mobility experiences within the EU
  • learning about a new culture
  • improving your command of a new language


Emotional competences:

3. To become acquainted with emotional competences by getting to know your own:

  • strengths and weaknesses – evaluation of your own state of mind, of your own resources
  • self-control -ability to deal with impulses and emotions, flexibility and adaptability to change
  • motivation -enthusiasm for goals, optimism, ability to seize opportunity
  • empathy -awareness of other people’s feelings and interests, understanding of others and their needs
  • social abilities -relational abilities, command of one or more foreign languages, organizational competencies, problem solving, creativity