ALTIMI is our partner in software sector. We are happy to come up with this company expectations and for a few years have offered student’s assistance in carrying out many IT projects. Our trainees were using programming languages, such as Java or C++.

The best evidences of our fruitful cooperation are following opinions :

„I improve my skills in Java programation. The quality of work placement was good. I learned how to work in team, improve me skills in frontpage” – Yesay from Spain

„I enjoyed the most to meet new people, to get the experience of working in the company. The quality of work placement was excellent. I learned new programs and different work procedures” – Oimana from Spain

„ I have felt greatly welcomed and I have had the chance to see how a professional software developing team manages real projects. I have learned Java 8 techniques, new software, frameworks and coding resources.” – Gaspar from Spain