Our message

Being on the quest for continual self-improvement.

  • Remember …in terms of professional success your background and education are not deciding factors. Success in professional life results very often from our own will to get to know things which we:
    • like,
    • find interesting
    • feel attracted to

    Thomas Jefferson said that human beings develop knowledge from…. curiosity.

  • Before you say “I want to be this…” it is important to ask yourself “What attracts me about it? What do the people I admire do? What thrilled me when I was young , in past?  Once you have lost touch with your talents and gifts, you need to give yourself the time to ask “What makes life worth living? ” It doesn’t matter what the result is, or what other people think of it. Vague, general replies will rise up in you: “What I like is wood…fresh air.., preparing food, cultural life, music, industry…, calculations, automobile…, fabrics…., etc..”
  • Try to find the spark.. it will  push you forward  .. Let’s say , if you enrol into a  course of e.g early Chinese pottery it may not be related exactly now with your profession or current education path. It’s not a tool you‘ll use in your everyday life now. But it will become a part of your general education. One day it may happen that this strange skill opens new possibilities in front of you. It may help you to revaluate what you currently are doing and it may be a new beginning.

    Do you remember what course chose Steve Jobs ( Apple company founder) at the 1st year of his study before he set up Apple?


    That’s right! It didn’t have anything to do with computers…which was what he wanted to do. But this fascination for beauty resulted in something that had never existed in this business before – wonderful letters, graphic design, electronic publishers, animated films of new generation.

What do you like..?

Try to find the spark..that will push you forward..