• 26/04/17
    One month of art experience!

    Relika and Mari from Estonia were cooperate with a very creative art company in Wrocław! It was a big challenge to both of them, preparing the decorations and working with different methods and materials in polish art environment! But definitely….it was worth it!

    Mari and Relika    Trainees working on details

  • 09/04/17
    Spanish trainees working with air cooling system

    Inigo and Iker from Spain did their 3 month experience in air cooling system area. They have gained a lot of new skills. We really hope that this new experience and knowledge could help them to find the perfect work and will be the best start into their future career!

    Working team Iker

  • 15/03/17
    Master chef in vocational edition!

    Jon Ander from Spain and Susanna from Finland had a chance to cooperate with one of the most creative and professional culinary team! They have learnd a lot of new recipes and culinary methods! It was a very fruitful time for both of them!

    Culinary team

  • 28/02/17
    Trainees from Italy working in electrical company

    Stojanche, Mohamed, Ergim and Amir – 4 trainees from Italy made their work experience in electrical company. They were installing the electrical components, light switches, laying the electrical cables etc. They were working at the big construction – for all of them it was a big challenge to work in polish electrical environment of the company, but they learnt a lot, gained new skills and did really good job there! We wish you all the best!

    Trainees from Italy

  • 03/08/16
    Abdellah working in laboratory

    Abdellah did his 3 weeks experience in laboratory environment! He learnt a lot and had a chance to cooperate with the Univeristy researchers! Good luck in new challenges Abdellah!


  • 06/06/16
    Audiovisual experience

    Mauricio and Inmaculada from Spain did an amazing work in audiovisual area during their 3 months experience. They were editing the professional movies, working during the art production and do their best to make the time spent in the company – unforgettable for them and for the whole team they worked with! Good luck and best wishes for your future visual career!

  • 12/05/16
    International cooking exchange

    International cooking exchange  led by Aviva,  took place on 12th of May and gathered out trainees from Poland, Peru, Spain, Finnland and Estonia. Students had a chance to learn about polish traditional recipes and dishes, they learned how to prepare typical polish dumplings “pierogi ruskie” and had an amazing opportunity to integrate with students from different countries and tried the dishes from its countries.

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