Consumer Academy

Aviva Poland Vocational Training since October 2014 is a partner in the project Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership ‘CONSUMER ACADEMY’ conducted by Turkish Ministry of Trade and Customs.

What is Consumer Academy?

The “Consumer Academy” website is online educational platform created by participants from Turkey, England, Hungary and Poland.


Consumer Academy aims to increase consumer’s level of awareness and make them take more conscious decisions by helping them gain the information, ability and attitude needed in daily life.

The effort to increase the level of awareness of consumers is a future investment to create a sensitive, reliable, transparent, fair and accountable shopping environment.

Consumer Academy is functioning as a real educational platform addressed to consumers, educators, public officers and private sector personnel regardless of their age.



We are a partner organization of “e-Portfolio System as a Source for Employment of Prospective VET Graduates”.

The Co-ordination of the “e-portfolio” Project is under the responsibility of Cukurova University, in Adana, Turkey.

The Partnership involves organisations from Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey.

The Project is co-funded by the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation.

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